advelox Terms & Conditions

  • The site is a site of medical information and the application Advelox © is a secure tool of digital communication between patients and health care professionals. The purpose of the site and / or the Advelox © application is to link the patient / user and the practitioner / Caregiver, but is not intended to replace the consultation of the latter. The practitioner / Caregiver responds to a relevant question from the patient / user which rise often shortly after the consultation and / or hospitalization. Advelox © is complementing and reinforcing the therapeutic link between patients and their practitioners. Emergency cases are furthermore and absolutely excluded.
  • The Advelox © internet platform, hereinafter referred to as “the Advelox © Site”, is the property of the private limited liability company ADVELOX ©, hereinafter “the company” registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under the number 0680.415.705 and registered for VAT under the number BE-0680 .415.705, and whose registered office is established Braambeziënlaan 46, 1180 Ukkel (Belgium)
  • These general conditions of use, hereinafter “Terms”, govern the use of the Advelox © Site, currently accessible at
  • Any use of the Advelox © Site implies full acceptance by any person who accesses them, directly or indirectly, through an agent, the Terms. Anyone using the Advelox © Site acknowledges having read, understood and accepted these Terms in their entirety. Anyone who does not accept these Terms and Conditions shall forgo any direct or indirect use of the Advelox © Site.
  • The features and / or offers presented on the site Advelox © are exclusively offered to users of the site as defined in Article 2 of the Terms.
  • The applicable terms and conditions are those in force on the date of use by Users of the site Advelox ©, the company reserving the right to modify at any time these Terms. Any modification takes effect when it is published on the site. The User is invited to consult and read the Terms of Use prior to each use of the Advelox © site. By accessing the site Advelox ©, the User is deemed to have read and accepted without reservation or restriction the Terms and any changes.
  • These Terms are available in French, Dutch and English on In case of divergence of interpretation between the French, Dutch and English versions, the text in French prevails over the others.
  • For the purposes of these general conditions of use, the following terms mean:
    • “User”, any person, patient or not of one of the Caregivers listed and active on the site, who accesses the site Advelox © for the purpose of making use of one of its features and / or applications offered by the site Advelox ©, in accordance with the terms and conditions it proposes and these Terms of Use;
    • “Consumer” means any natural person who acts for a foreign purpose in his commercial, professional or craft activities;
    • “Professional” means any person who does not have the status of consumer within the meaning of European law and / or the code of economic law;
    • “user account”, the profile that the user is invited to create for the use of the site;
    • “caregiver”, health professional, general practitioner or specialist, listed on and by the site Advelox © and active on it for having agreed on its use, as such, with the company;
    • “caregiver account”, the profile that the caregiver is invited to create for use of the site in that capacity;
    • “Directory”, the directory of caregivers referenced by the site Advelox © and having a caregivers account;
    • “request / requests / questions / order”, taken individually or together, requests for “due care” to address to the Caregivers listed and active on the site, offered by Advelox © to the user;
    • “Medical advice”, notice given by a caregiver with a caregivers account whose content is either administrative or medical, but constituting either general information or specific cases, but not urgent and which can at most, provide additional information given shortly after a consultation or hospitalization, without an anamnesis or physical examination, in no way constituting a diagnosis or consultation;
    • “due care”, the realization of the requested service of a request, order, request, relevant question;
    • “the site” or “the Advelox © site”, the internet platform made available and managed by ADVELOX ©;
    • “the company”, the private limited liability company ADVELOX © (ECB n ° 0680.415.705).
  • The caregivers listed on the site Advelox © and having a caregiver account duly justify diplomas and titles that they carry, answer and have all the legal and ethical conditions for the exercise of their profession and are regularly registered with the INAMI/RIZIV and regularly enrolled in the professional order to which they belong.
  • The company has developed and implements an internet platform, which it manages and maintains, to connect users with a user account to the caregivers listed on the Advelox © website, with a caregivers account.
  • To this end, Advelox © offers users:
    • A directory of caregivers registered on the site (the site is not exhaustive, it does not list all the Belgian doctors or any other European Union nationality who would practice on the Belgian territory and / or in the territory of ‘a Member State of the European Union), taking up information authorized by law and medical ethics, of a general and / or administrative nature in particular, by listed doctor;
    • Appointment by the user himself with one and / or other of the caregivers listed on the Advelox © website;
    • Standard forms for requesting a medical prescription, in accordance with the legal and ethical provisions in this area;
    • Standard forms for the request for communication of the results of analysis;
    • Requests for secure conversations between the User and the Caregiver, under which the latter may, where appropriate, under his sole responsibility, answer a relevant question or give a medical opinion, the content of which is either administrative or non-urgent cases and which can only constitute, at the most, a request for additional information given shortly after consultation or hospitalization (with the same caregiver), without a history or physical examination and in no way constituting a diagnosis and / or consultation;
    • Other potential services to facilitate communication between users and caregivers, and announced on the Advelox © website.
  • In any case, the site does not allow to obtain and / or it can not be given by the caregivers listed on it, a diagnosis and / or an opinion constituting such a diagnosis and / or a medical consultation and / or a notice constituting such consultation, which necessarily involve an anamnesis and a physical examination of the user.
  • To obtain a consultation and / or a diagnosis, it is necessary to physically meet the caregiver.
  • Any request from the user is sent directly to the caregiver of his choice and the response of the latter directly addressed to the user, in compliance with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GDPR), medical ethics and professional secrecy , without the company having access to the content of the exchange and / or the data it contains, or the right of inspection thereof, except for the sole purpose and within the limits specified below in terms of processing of personal data.
  • The User can navigate freely on the site without registration. Registration is however mandatory for any use of the features offered by the site and this, by creating a user account.The User must be at least 18 years old and be fully capable for himself and / or the person he represents if any. It makes the declaration for use of the site and its features.The User completes his user account by entering his last name, first name, email address and his mobile number, and defines a password.Once the user account is created, the user manages its content and modifies its data itself, password and other data as it sees fit.The Registered User agrees to provide accurate personal information, including its identity and contact information, not to create a false identity or usurper that of a third party, and to create a single user account.Otherwise, the Company may terminate any user account, temporarily or permanently, without prior notice and automatically incur the User’s liability for the resulting loss.The User is obliged to update his personal information in case of modification of these. Otherwise, he assumes full responsibility to the Caregivers and the Company, consequences resulting from any inaccuracy, omission or negligence in this regard.
  • For the sake of security and / or precaution, the Company may temporarily deactivate or permanently cancel a user account without notice, particularly in the event of the User’s breach of any of his obligations under these Terms of Use, or laws and regulations, and in particular in the following cases:
    • Use of a fraudulent or erroneous identity to create a user account;
    • Use of fraudulent means of payment, default of payment;
    • Misappropriation or attempted misappropriation of tools, Services, trademarks, logos or any other distinctive sign or element over which the Company has a right of ownership or exploitation.
  • The Company makes available to the User and the Caregiver, its tools temporarily, these tools being only intended to allow requests / requests / questions / orders and the adequate answer to them, in the form of ‘a due care’.The provision is made individually and does not confer any other rights of any kind to the User and the Caregiver on these tools. Any misuse, copying, counterfeiting, or any other violation of the rights of the Company on these tools will be sanctioned by the immediate and unannounced cancellation of the User Account, the Company reserving the right to take any other action necessary for the safewarding and defending its interests.The Site does not provide any warranty on these tools, including performance and / or effectiveness.
  • Equipment (computer, software, telecommunications, etc.) allowing online access to the site and its features are the sole responsibility of the User and the Caregiver.The User and the Caregiver must have equipment, software and settings necessary for the proper functioning of the site’s features: the latest version of the Internet browser, activation of Java script functions, receipt of session cookies and acceptance of the display of windows “pop-ups”. It must also have a mobile phone and a personal e-mail address.For full use of the Advantages offered on the Advelox © website, the User and the Caregiver must have up-to-date software. Depending on the network configuration of the User or Caregiver, the connection to the Advelox © site may not be possible.The company does not guarantee the use of the site if the User or Caregiver uses a blocking or modifying content utility, such as a script blocker or advertisements; In this case, this function must be deactivated before using the site. These configurations are essential for the optimal use of the tools offered by the Site, and it is up to the User and Caregiver to ensure the conformity of their facilities to these technical configurations.
  • The User and the Caregiver must have the necessary skills, hardware and software for the use of the Internet or, as the case may be, of Internet services and recognize that the characteristics and constraints of the Internet do not guarantee the security, availability and integrity of data transmissions over the Internet.
  • The company does not guarantee the use of the site in case of failure of the Internet access provider of the User and / or the Caregiver. Similarly, the use of smartphone applications subscribed by the User and / or the Caregiver directly to the application provider assumes that the latter has a smartphone and a satisfactory connection.The company does not respond in any way to non functioning, impossibility of access, or possible bad conditions of use of the site attributable to the use of inappropriate equipment, internal malfunctions to the access provider of the User and / or the Cargiver, the congestion of the Internet network, and for other reasons outside the company and more generally of all fortuitous cases and / or force majeure.
  • The operation of the site and / or its functionalities may be temporarily interrupted for maintenance, updates or technical improvements, or to change the content and / or presentation. As far as possible, the company will inform the User and the Caregiver in advance of any maintenance or updating.
  • Access to the functions of the site is authorized on the basis of the subscription of subscriptions of different types, certain functionalities being able to be accessible only to certain types of subscriptions, and certain subscriptions being accessible only to the Users or to the subscribers or Caregivers.The payment of the services is done on the basis of points. A certain number of points are awarded on the basis of the subscribed subscription. At any time, the User or the Caregiver may purchase additional points via the Site.The types of subscription, the services and associated points, as well as the number of points consumed by the use of each of the services are documented on the Advelox © Site.
  • In the event that the user is a consumer as defined in Article 2 of these Terms, this article is applicable.
    1. Without prejudice to what will be specified below, the user has a maximum of 14 days to withdraw from the service contract that binds him to Advelox © and to obtain a full refund of the total price paid by him (fees and taxes) without any necessary motivation or additional costs. The starting point of the delay is the day of payment made by the user. However, since the subscription entitles to personalized services that can not be exchanged or resumed, the user expressly waives his right of withdrawal from the moment he uses one of the services paying the Site. If the user wishes to obtain the refund of the amount he has paid in return for the reply to his request, he must make the express request by means of the form made available on his user account or by sending an email to the following address Under no circumstances may the company be held liable for any refund that has not been directly requested.
    2. In application of the provisions of the Code of Economic Law, since the order made to the Caregivers must be executed within 14 days of receipt by the recipient Caregiver and the user has expressly waived the right to use withdrawal when confirming his order, the user does not have any right of automatic withdrawal as referred to above if the order has been fully executed. In this case, the user can still apply directly and exclusively to the Caregiver solicited to request the termination of the contract, but reasonable fees and expenses may be charged for services already performed in the context of the realization of the command. (eg, awareness of the issue, research, or partial writing of a written response, etc.).
  • In the event that the user is a professional within the meaning of Article 2 of these Terms, the latter has no period of 14 days to withdraw from the service contract that binds him to Caregiver and obtain the full refund of the total price paid (fees, fees and taxes). The User who made the order may still apply directly and exclusively to the Caregiver concerned to request the termination of the contract, but reasonable costs and fees may however be charged for services already performed in the context of the realization the order / request of the user (eg the knowledge of the question, research, or the partial writing of a written answer, etc.).
  • Advelox © offers an online computer platform and secure communication tools allowing Users to contact a Caregiver and send them a series of requests / requests / questions / commands.
  • The contract between the User and the Caregivers is formed from the confirmation by e-mail of the order. The contracts are concluded directly between the User and the Caregiver, the Company is not party to the contract binding exclusively the Caregiver and the user. The Company can not in any way be held liable for the contractual relationship between the User and the Caregiver, and in particular regarding the formation, performance or termination of the contract, and does not provide any guarantee in this regard . In particular, in case of contractual non-performance of the Caregiver, the User must take direct action against the latter, the Site or the Company may be affected in any way whatsoever.
  • Unless the law provides otherwise, the user-Cargiver contract is subject to the national law of the country of the country of the order which Caregiver came out at the time of order and any dispute relating to user-Caregiver Agreement shall be brought exclusively in the courts competent of this country.
  • The Company holds the intellectual property rights of the general structure of the ADVELOX © Website, its contents and the ADVELOX © trademark.
  • Any unauthorized reproduction of its trademarks, logos and distinctive signs constitutes an infringement punishable by civil and criminal penalties. In particular, any representation, reproduction, modification, or more generally any total or partial exploitation of the Site, its content or its services, its brand, its logos, trade names, acronym, domain names, without the authorization prior express agreement of the Company, is strictly prohibited; whatever the medium and the process used.
  • Personal data collected
    1. To enable the User to access the features and benefits of the Advelox © Site and the fulfilment of requests / orders sent to Caregivers, the Company is required to collect and process the following data concerning Users:
      Personal data: Purposes:
      surname, first name to allow to identify the user
      address (business and/or private) to set up an invoice after ordering Advelox services
      Id card (caregiver only) to verify the caregiver identity
      the mobile phone number to verify the identity of the user to send notifications
      eMail address to verify the identity of the user to send notifications to allow to verify the identity of the user to send notifications to contact the user
      the password to protect user access to Advelox
      the picture to allow a better identification of the user
      gender to correctly address you
      company or organization to reflect your company or organisation
      the data concerning the requests:

      • the date of the request and of each element of the exchange,
      • the category of the request,
      • the caregiver contacted,
      • the caregiver having accepted the request,
      • the content of the exchange in the form of text and, where applicable, files attached to the exchanges,
      • the evaluation given by the patient
      to allow caregivers and patients to exchange asynchronously (when they’re not available at the same time) to allow users to keep a track of their exchanges to allow Advelox to build anonymous statistics about the usage of Advelox services, if consented note: the content, the info about the involved caregiver(s) and the evaluation will remain exclusively accessible for patients and caregivers and will not be shared with any other party
      the list of caregivers that the patient has selected to allow the patient to visualize and manage (adding, deleting and making default) his caregivers network
    2. The Company undertakes to protect all personal data of the User, which data are collected and processed by the Company with the strictest confidentiality. To allow the User to access the features of the site Advelox © and any request / order / request addressed to a Caregiver, the information collected is only intended for Advelox © and Caregivers concerned / solicited live or via the ward, excluding other Caregivers and / or third parties.
    3. The Company undertakes that the data will be collected and used in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force as well as with the provisions of these applicable terms and conditions. In the event of an order / request / request / question of a “due care”, the User expressly authorizes the Company to automatically transfer the necessary information to the Caregiver requested for the requested service. If the User decides to call for custody, he / she expressly authorizes the Company to proceed automatically with the additional transfer of the necessary information to the Caregiver who responds to the request for the requested service.
  • Declarations:
    1. The information collected about the User will be automatically processed by Advelox © and, where appropriate, transferred to Caregivers that the User has designated / solicited to return him a “due care”. In any case, the information will not be transmitted to another Caregiver or a third party unless the Law provides otherwise.
    2. The objectives of ADVELOX © are:ensure the exploitation, improvement and development of technical tools to optimize the functionality of the site Advelox © and exchanges between Caregivers and Users;to establish, update and make available online a directory of Caregivers available online;
    3. ADVELOX ©, as data controller, has IT resources to enable and manage requests / order / request / question online. Without prejudice to Article 10.2.2, the recorded information is reserved for the correct purposes of the order / request / request / question online and can only be communicated to the recipient designated by the User, directly and / or indirectly via the ward, to make the due care. In the event of a call for custody, this information will also be communicated to the Caregivier initially designated by the User. Any person may obtain communication and, where appropriate, rectification or deletion of information about it, through his user account, by sending a notification to the headquarters of the company Braambeziënlaan 46, 1180 Ukkel (Belgium) or by sending an email to the address by mentioning his identity (surname, first name, email address and copy of his identity document).
    4. The Website is subject to the following control authority:
      La Commission de la protection de la vie privée (Belgium) Rue de la Presse 35 1000 Bruxelles Tel. +32 2 274 48 00 Fax +32 2 274 48 10 e-mail: Website:
  • Duration of data retention:
    1. The personal data are kept for a maximum duration determined as follows:
    2. User and order account management: data relating to people wishing to order “due care” and orders made up to the request for unsubscription;
    3. Management of services: data relating to the services ordered, 1 month maximum from the deposit;
    4. Caregivers account management: activation period of the account;
    5. Management of the Caregivers directory: daily update;
    6. Analysis and measurement of the site’s attendance: 15 months maximum from the deposit.
    7. In general, the User / Caregiver has the right to request at any time a structured file, the transfer to another provider and efficiently his personal data on request to the contact address
  • Information about data security:All data collected on the website is stored in data centres located exclusively in the European Union. The confidentiality and integrity of the data during the communication between the User / Caregiver and the Website are guaranteed by an authentication certificate and an HTTPS security protocol.
  • Cookies :If you sign up for Advelox © services, use of the Advelox © services will allow you to be anonymously identified. This means we can see how you navigated our solution without making the connection with your personal identity. The cookies are small files stored in the user’s device that make it more enjoyable to visit, and allow him to connect to the Site.The Website uses several cookies:
    1. User Account. These cookies record a unique identifier allowing the maintenance of the connection of the User to the Site. These cookies do not contain any direct nominative information.
    2. Security. In addition to security analysis on servers, the Site uses cookies to enhance security and identify possible malicious behaviour.
    3. Navigation. These cookies allow customization of the content that is displayed specifically for each User. For example: display an explanation page during a first visit of a service; save display or sort preferences; etc.

    These cookies do not contain any nominative information. If you want to avoid this tracking, you can unsubscribe by unchecking the consents provided in your personal profile, or customize your browser settings to refuse cookies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually customize your browser settings to refuse cookies. You must define your settings for each browser and device you use. Click on your browser name to read how to customize your settings:

  • General provisionsThe Company is held with regard to Users and Caregivers by an obligation of means.In this context, the Company makes every effort to ensure continued access to the Advelox © site and its features as offered on the Advelox © website.However, the company does not offer any guarantee of continuity of these functionalities, their supply being able in particular to be dependent on thirds (access provider, host, energy supplier, in particular).The responsibility of the Company can not therefore be engaged in the context of damages resulting from an impossibility of temporary or permanent access to the benefits offered by the Site. Similarly, the Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend access to the Site for reasons of maintenance, updating, or for any other reason, without prior notice from Users and Lawyers, and without entitlement to compensation.The Site may include general medical information and hypertext links to third party sites, such as Caregivers or orders. In no event shall the Company’s liability be incurred in the event that the contents of said third-party notes and websites contravene applicable legal or regulatory provisions.In any case, the responsibility of the Company can not be engaged if the execution of one of the obligations is prevented or delayed because of a fortuitous event or a case of absolute necessity, and in particular in case of interruption or malfunction of telecommunications or energy networks, fire, natural disaster.
  • Exclusion of liability of the Company in the relationship between the Caregiver and the User.Advelox © offers a secure online computing platform and communication tools allowing Users to contact a Caregiver. The liability of the Company can not in any way be incurred because of the harmful consequences that would result from the failure to support the User’s request by the Caregivers or one of the Caregivers and the reimbursement of the latter unless application of the article 7, point 8.1, §1 of these Terms.The Company is not party to the contract linking the Caregiver to the User. Therefore, under no circumstances will the User be able to turn against the Company and / or call it as collateral in the case of an amicable or judicial request made against or on the initiative of a Caregiver and this for any reason and in any capacity whatsoever.The User can not under any circumstances seek the liability of the Company in the following cases:
    • Incompatibility of the hardware, the operating system of the User with the tools offered by the Site;
    • Non-compliant use of a Tool offered on the Site;
    • Fraudulent use by a third party of the User Account;
    • Downloading a file from the Site or sending a Caregiver carrying a virus, or any other item that may damage the User’s hardware.
  • Exploitation of the site Advelox ©: the Company can put an end to the exploitation of the Site, for whatever reason and this, without a User and / or a Caregiver can not form any request for this reason to the Company, amicable or judicial. The Company may also modify the content of the Site and the services offered, and the terms of operation of the site, without notice and without liability being incurred.
  • Partial invalidity of the general terms and conditions of use: The titles of these Terms are only intended to facilitate the reading of the text. Any clause of the present Terms which could be declared null by a jurisdiction can in no way affect the other provisions of these Terms, nor affect the validity as a whole.
  • Litigation, Territorial Jurisdiction and Applicable Law: Except as otherwise provided in the Law, any dispute relating to these Terms is the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the place of the registered office of the Company, even in the event of a warranty claim or plurality. defendants. The law applicable to any dispute is Belgian law