advelox Teleconsultation

Following the COVID-19 crisis, tele-consultation was added to the Advelox application. This allows consultation between caregiver and patient in a simple and secure manner.

How it works

Via a simple button, a caregiver (general practitioner or specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist, etc.) can contact his patient by video conference. The patient can then accept or reject the call.


Video and audio streams are encrypted end-to-end (E2EE) with TLS technology. It is therefore not possible that video or audio is intercepted on the Internet. TLS encryption is used, for example, for online payments by banks.

Video and audio streams are not recorded by Advelox. No video / sound storage is performed. Your communications are made only live.

When you’re on a video conference, you’re in what’s called a “channel”. The security policy is very strict for Advelox. Each “channel” is unique, private and non-reusable. This means that no one other than the caregiver and their patient can join the call. Once the call is finished, it cannot be returned because the “channel” is automatically deleted. You will then have to create a new call. This is crucial for safety in the use of WebRTC technology used in all teleconferencing applications around the world.

Communication is carried out “peer to peer” (P2P), it is a direct link between the caregiver and his patient. Your sound and image do not pass through a server. This operation guarantees high call security.