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The Advelox© initiative mission is to generate a positive impact on society:
  • The Advelox© initiative mission is to generate a positive impact on society
  • Generate a net positive economic impact on the overall consumption of healthcare through a reduction of:
    • The number of consultations
    • The number of emergency care consultations
    • The consumption of medications
    • Travelling between home and caregiver practices (and vice versa)
    • Absenteeism
    • Loss of time by patients and caregivers and other stakeholders


Advelox© is seeking to partner with a wide variety of stakeholders who may be interested to contribute to the above mission. More specifically:
  • Private and public insurers willing to provide additional services to their members and to reduce their operational costs
  • Private and public companies willing to enhance their work life at the benefit of their employees and to reduce absenteeism
  • Private investors and financial institutions willing to financially support the development of Advelox©
  • Caregivers who will be able to optimize their practical organisation and whose practice will get a qualitative injection thanks to Advelox©

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