advelox Charter

The site is a site of medical information. The Advelox © solution is a secure tool for digital communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Advelox © does not replace the consultation of the practitioner (especially in case of emergency). Advelox © complements and reinforces the therapeutic link between patients and their practitioners.

The patient agrees to:

  • Respect the privacy of the practitioner and his family.
  • Respect confidentiality rules regarding health-related data transmission.
  • Allowing availability of anonymised data for improving, promote and enrich the Advelox solution and to demonstrate its health economic outcomes.
  • Avoid broadcasting, transmitting information which would impact negatively the relationship he has with the practitioner.
  • Deliver clear and precise information to facilitate the management of the requests
  • Abstain from any judgment, comments outside the framework of the medical relationship.
  • Only use the Advelox © solution for information dissemination purposes in the context of life sciences.
  • Agree to receive information about the prevention of chronic diseases in a primary, secondary and a tertiary prevention setting.
  • Make a commitment to communicate quickly to the medico-administrative direction of Advelox © (contact at advelox dot com) any malfunction that could affect the proper functioning of Advelox ©.

The charter can be modified at any time by the publisher, to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential, editorial or technical changes. The user must refer before any navigation to the latest version of the charter. The charter is an integral part of the general conditions of use of the site.