advelox Privacy Policy

Personal data collected

  1. To enable the User to access the features and benefits of the Advelox © Site and the fulfilment of requests / orders sent to Caregivers, the Company is required to collect and process the following data concerning Users:
    surname, first name to allow to identify the user
    address (business and/or private) to set up an invoice after ordering Advelox services
    Id card (caregiver only) to verify the caregiver identity
    the mobile phone number to verify the identity of the user to send notifications
    eMail address to verify the identity of the user to send notifications to allow to verify the identity of the user to send notifications to contact the user
    the password to protect user access to Advelox
    the picture to allow a better identification of the user
    gender to correctly address you
    company or organization to reflect your company or organisation
    the data concerning the requests:

    • the date of the request and of each element of the exchange,
    • the category of the request,
    • the caregiver contacted,
    • the caregiver having accepted the request,
    • the content of the exchange in the form of text and, where applicable, files attached to the exchanges,
    • the evaluation given by the patient
    to allow caregivers and patients to exchange asynchronously (when they’re not available at the same time) to allow users to keep a track of their exchanges to allow Advelox to build anonymous statistics about the usage of Advelox services, if consented note: the content, the info about the involved caregiver(s) and the evaluation will remain exclusively accessible for patients and caregivers and will not be shared with any other party
    the list of caregivers that the patient has selected to allow the patient to visualize and manage (adding, deleting and making default) his caregivers network
  2. The Company undertakes to protect all personal data of the User, which data are collected and processed by the Company with the strictest confidentiality. To allow the User to access the features of the site Advelox © and any request / order / request addressed to a Caregiver, the information collected is only intended for Advelox © and Caregivers concerned / solicited live or via the ward, excluding other Caregivers and / or third parties.
  3. The Company undertakes that the data will be collected and used in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions in force as well as with the provisions of these applicable terms and conditions. In the event of an order / request / request / question of a “due care”, the User expressly authorizes the Company to automatically transfer the necessary information to the Caregiver requested for the requested service. If the User decides to call for custody, he / she expressly authorizes the Company to proceed automatically with the additional transfer of the necessary information to the Caregiver who responds to the request for the requested service.


  1. The information collected about the User will be automatically processed by Advelox © and, where appropriate, transferred to Caregivers that the User has designated / solicited to return him a “due care”. In any case, the information will not be transmitted to another Caregiver or a third party unless the Law provides otherwise.
  2. The objectives of ADVELOX © are:ensure the exploitation, improvement and development of technical tools to optimize the functionality of the site Advelox © and exchanges between Caregivers and Users;to establish, update and make available online a directory of Caregivers available online;
  3. ADVELOX ©, as data controller, has IT resources to enable and manage requests / order / request / question online. Without prejudice to Article 10.2.2, the recorded information is reserved for the correct purposes of the order / request / request / question online and can only be communicated to the recipient designated by the User, directly and / or indirectly via the ward, to make the due care. In the event of a call for custody, this information will also be communicated to the Caregivier initially designated by the User. Any person may obtain communication and, where appropriate, rectification or deletion of information about it, through his user account, by sending a notification to the headquarters of the company Braambeziënlaan 46, 1180 Ukkel (Belgium) or by sending an email to the address by mentioning his identity (surname, first name, email address and copy of his identity document).
  4. The Website is subject to the following control authority:
    La Commission de la protection de la vie privée (Belgium) Rue de la Presse 35 1000 Bruxelles Tel. +32 2 274 48 00 Fax +32 2 274 48 10 e-mail: Website:
  • Duration of data retention:
    1. The personal data are kept for a maximum duration determined as follows:
    2. User and order account management: data relating to people wishing to order “due care” and orders made up to the request for unsubscription;
    3. Management of services: data relating to the services ordered, 1 month maximum from the deposit;
    4. Caregivers account management: activation period of the account;
    5. Management of the Caregivers directory: daily update;
    6. Analysis and measurement of the site’s attendance: 15 months maximum from the deposit.
    7. In general, the User / Caregiver has the right to request at any time a structured file, the transfer to another provider and efficiently his personal data on request to the contact address
  • Information about data security:All data collected on the website is stored in data centres located exclusively in the European Union. The confidentiality and integrity of the data during the communication between the User / Caregiver and the Website are guaranteed by an authentication certificate and an HTTPS security protocol.
  • Cookies :If you sign up for Advelox © services, use of the Advelox © services will allow you to be anonymously identified. This means we can see how you navigated our solution without making the connection with your personal identity. The cookies are small files stored in the user’s device that make it more enjoyable to visit, and allow him to connect to the Site.The Website uses several cookies:
    1. User Account. These cookies record a unique identifier allowing the maintenance of the connection of the User to the Site. These cookies do not contain any direct nominative information.
    2. Security. In addition to security analysis on servers, the Site uses cookies to enhance security and identify possible malicious behaviour.
    3. Navigation. These cookies allow customization of the content that is displayed specifically for each User. For example: display an explanation page during a first visit of a service; save display or sort preferences; etc.

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