advelox 2 new INAMI codes to fight COVID-19

The purpose of these codes is to prevent the displacement of patients and therefore the spread of the disease.

The first code is intended to sort patients by telephone, the second code is intended for therapeutic monitoring. In both cases, the operation is done using a means of remote communication (telephone) and you must be able to clearly identify your patient.

Here is the full description of the 2 codes:

Number: 101990
Objective: Remote notification (telephone) for the COVID-19 triage
Payment: € 20 in third-party payment by efact.
Validity: 1 time per patient
– Addition of a note in the patient’s health record
– Telephone contact, date
– History with symptoms
– Advice provided to the patient
– Nature of documents issued

Number: 101135
Objective: Therapeutic monitoring remotely (telephone) to avoid the patient’s
travel (example, monitoring of heart problem, diabetes, COVID-19, etc.) Remuneration: € 20 in third-party payment by efact
Validity: 1 time per 7 days per patient
– Addition a note in the patient’s health record
– Telephone contact, date
– Reason for this advice (eg therapeutic follow-up, etc.)
– Possible adaptations to the treatment regimen
– Nature of documents issued

Royal Decree – Royal decree PDF (NL, FR)

NL :

FR :

Notes: From 03/17/2020, Advelox is 100% free for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis and for a minimum of 6 months.