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Advelox does not substitute for the consultation at your office. The reason is that you need to be able to proceed for a physical examination which can’t be done via communication tool such as Advelox. Advelox wants to help patients to get quick answers on a whole series of medically related questions rising after a consultation or after a hospital discharge. You might ask them to move back to your practice depending on the question.

No, Advelox does not substitute for the consultation during which an initial diagnosis is set up and a treatment schedule is established.

Advelox will allow generating prescriptions through the official procedure as a result of the advice request and related conversation with your patient.

No, video conversations are not proposed by Advelox. The Belgian Order of Physicians is not in favour of this means of communication as it could encourage to substitute for the consultation (see question 1).

Your patient can either wait until you become available or in case of a request type ‘medical advice’ he can decide to send your request to a peer. The communication remains fully transparent for you. You will be kept informed, even when a peer answers the request. See also Q&A 6 and Advelox Privacy Policy.

The content of any request and their answers will only be visible to you and your patient (and the peer the patient send the request (medical advice type only) to if he decided so, see question 5). Advelox keeps the information encrypted in such a way that the exchange of information between you and the patuents is kept secure an in line with data privacy regulations at all times. For more info, please refer to the Advelox Privacy Policy.

Advelox © offers different membership options with a variety of services. Whenever you use Advelox © to answer a (paying) request from your patients, the system will give you points. Each exchange of communication (between you and your patient) gives credit to your account of 1 point. The more precisely a question is defined by the patient, the less the number of communication exchanges between you and your patient will be necessary. The system will charge you a certain number of points for the other services you will use (read the about section and your subscription plan).

The 109012 nomenclature code does not allow establishing fees using platforms such as Advelox ©. “An advice must be understood a signed writing, established apart from any examination of the patient, of certificates, pharmaceutical prescriptions and other documents. These honoraria can never be combined with honoraria for consultation or visits. Interpretative rule 200-5 specified that the patient must be present during the writing. “

Advelox will ensure that all registered caregivers are certified by their official bodies at time of registration. Advelox has also put in place a system to ensure further validation of the identity of the caregivers and patients.

No, Advelox does not substitute for the emergency ward. In case of emergency. Patients need to call the emergency number in your country (112 in the EU).

Advelox does not collect any information on the exchanged content, nor on the name of the patients you exchange with. This information remains entirely confidential. Advelox only collects anonymous information on the way users navigate on the platform in order to further improve the platform in the future. It also collects some anonymous feedback on the health economics and the impact of Advelox on the incurred costs. This happens via surveys and is done on a voluntary basis.

Advelox provides several subscription plans, depending on your needs. Each plan offers a different range of services and have a different pricing. Advelox works with points that are provided with each subscription plan. For more info, please consult the Advelox Point System.

The point system is described on this page.