Our Team

The Advelox team is composed of 5 talented people.


Paul Wulleman


Paul Wulleman is Co-founder of Advelox, owner of Sleepclinic.be and has more than 30 years experience as medical doctor in both hospital and private setting.


Jean-Sébastien Struyf


Jean-Sébastien Struyf is a Commercial Engineer SBS, co-founder of Advelox and has built his 25 business experience in major consulting and pharma companies both in Belgium as at international level.


Ir Sébastien Bauer


Sébastien Bauer has a strong expertise in IT architecture & security and project management and is mastering the Advelox technical solution and its development.

Baudouin van de Werve

Baudouin van de Werve

Partnership Development Manager

Baudouin van de Werve has more than 15 yrs business expertise in pharma,marketing and human resources.